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Cheap international calls

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About Us

XOmobile is a friendly and easy-to-use app to make low-cost international phone calls via Internet with premium voice quality. Thanks to our services you are able to reach any number in the world.  You can use XOmobile with the internet service of your choice, be it WiFi or 3G/4G Internet. We offer the best rates and perfect quality for your calls

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M2M and SIM tracking


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Our benefits

Call International

With XOmobile you are able to make international calls to any landline or mobile numbers in the world. Our services give you the possibility to be connected with your friends wherever they are.


Easy To Use

Pay only for the minutes you use/spend. Top–up your account and call any number you need. You always see the rate of your call when you dial the number. No additional fees, hidden taxes and contract costs.


Best Rates

We are doing our best to get the lowest rates for your calls. Based on your calling behavior our team always uses only a direct connection to get the best offer for our calling services.


Free European Number

With XOmobile you get A free european number +3712**, which is permanently assigned to you and your app, and special low rates for outgoing calls to any international phone numbers. All incoming calls are free of charge.



SIA XOmobile

Address: Republikas Square 3/225, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
VAT No.: 40103181903
Phone: +371 67305088
E-mail: info@xomobile.com

Commercial department

Phone: +371 67305088
E-mail: sales@xomobile.com

Xomobile provides 24/7 technical support. Contact us for cooperation via app@xomobile.com