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Roaming is the first tool of a person who is constantly traveling and also must be available for communication, and stay in touch. Wherever you go, the international SIM-card of XOmobile provides this opportunity

Time is money: advantageous roaming with XOmobile.

Roaming with the international SIM-card of XOmobile enables you to have uninterrupted communication with your relatives, friends and colleagues at an advantageous price. The SIM-card of XOmobile will save up to 85% of your standard expenditures for international calls and SMS. It does not need a deposit or regular monthly fee, tax payment or any other additional expenditure. The expanding coverage area of the service, which already exceeds 125 countries around the world and has twenty-four-hour technical maintenance, is the guarantee of comfort anywhere and under any circumstances.

Together with those who appreciate the business standard left by Benjamin Franklin “Time is money” you pay only for call minutes and nothing else. What you receive in return is the minutes of accessible communication. It does not depend on the place and the language. Together with XOmobile.